Born 1964 in Lammhult, Sweden and have been living since 2000 in a small village

in the countryside. I’ve always had the urge to paint and travel around the world.

San Francisco turned out to be one of my hometowns where I started at Academy of Art Collage. After that there were a lot of stops on the world map with my paint stuff not far away.

The first week in july every year is “The Berg Week”.

A yearly happening around here with lots of activities.

I have a studio that my husband Mike built for me.
Every morning, I long to be out in my studio where I find peace and inspiration

to put on paper, canvas or fabric.


  • SPD, Pattern Design Academy
  • Watercolorclass, Granada Spain
  • Watercolorclass, Gerlesborgskolan
  • Konsthantverk Design, Grimslöv
  • Arttex, Växjö
  • Academy of Art College, San Fransisco
  • Watercolorclass, Toscana
  • Watercolorclass, Hannover
  • Watercolorclass, Nottingham


  • Sävsjöbygdens Konstförening
  • Kulturhuset Blohme', Älmhult
  • Yearly for 29 years on Bergweek
  • Alvesta Konsthall, Folkets Hus
  • Trädgårdsgalleriet, Öhr
  • Designers Saturday, Lammhult
  • Galleri Visac, Trail, Kanada
  • Galleri TMC, Värnamo
  • Ådalsliden, Moheda
  • Kyrkparken, Gustavsberg
  • Qvinnomuseet, Växjö
  • Runda Huset, Gustavsberg
  • The Deta, Whistler
  • Länstyrelsen, Växjö

  • Växjö Konsthall,  seven years with Växjö konstrunda
  • Länsbiblioteket, Växjö
  • Stationshuset, Alvesta
  • Designers Saturday, Värnamo
  • Designers Saturday, Lammhult
  • Whistler Conference Center, Canada



"Maria is one of the most talented artists I’ve ever met. I’m very blessed that although I live in California and she lives in Sweden, we met through mutual interests on Facebook. It’s been so inspirational for me to watch how Maria took the things she learned in my Pattern Design Academy program and applied them to her already established creative business. I’m very excited to see how Maria continues to grow as an artist and it’s my sincere wish to meet her in person some day.”

Anne LaFollette 

I     N     S     T     A     G     R     A     M