Online classes

 I have Online courses in watercolor painting on Zoom on Mondays. This course is

completely independent, you don't have to comit to a whole term, just pick the timers you want to join in. 

That is why you register the day before  the course day and pay in 20 US throug PayPal.

Then I will send you a Zoom link and list on what you need for the course.

We usually work for two hours with a short break in the middle.

Weekend classes

It's great fun to paint in a group!

I offer weekend courses, workshops and kickoffs. I set up the course, but it is

possible to have suggestions.

The weekend can be tailored to

your wishes, it can be one or two days,

you use your own art material or mine,

with snacks/food or you bring your own.

The price depends on your choices. 

I take groups of up to ten people.

Weekley classes

I have weekly classes in groups of six, Monday - Thursday at 10-13.

I set up the course, but it is possible

to come with suggestions.

Everyone has their own material and

snack with them, I offer coffee and tea.

I usually offer two courses/year,

one in the spring and one in the fall.

Price varies on numer of

course opportunities.